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Tiny Elite

Ages 2 - 3

Our toddler classes are a fun intro to movement, motor skill development, and creative expression! We incorporate basic rhythms, floor patterns, dancing props and musical instruments while learning to follow a teacher’s directions.

One Class Weekly $80 monthly

Mini Elite

Ages 4 -6

Our goal for our Mini Dance classes is to give young dancers the opportunity to explore the technique and creative expression behind many different styles of dance.  We believe that a love for dance, a foundation of work ethic and strong developmental growth patterns can start early.

‘MINI ELITE’ Two Classes Weekly $120 monthly

Junior Elite
Ages 7 - 10

Our Junior Elite class learn to explore their love of dance and expand on the fundamentals of various dance styles. Dancers will be supported in their physical, cognitive and emotional development. Junior dancers will gain confidence, and performing skills

Three Classes Weekly $180 monthly


The Elite Team 
Ages 9 & up

The Elite(senior) team are talented, serious, dedicated, and excited about dance. Being apart of this team means getting a chance to develop technique quickly and correctly through intense focus and practice. With that, their poise, sense of artistry, self confidence, and self discipline will also grow.

Three Classes Weekly  $180 monthly


9401 West Colonial Dr , Ocoee Fl 34761                                     A PLACE EVERYONE CAN DANCE NOW!!                                                407 -591-0226  CALL US                   

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